Early Word Building

For the past 9 days, we have been giving Isabel a “word” of the day. This “word” is given to her at breakfast and she has all day to figure it out, if she gets the word she gets rewarded, if not it’s no big deal we’ll try again tomorrow. Today we took a bit of a test to see how she’s moving forward with her learning the words of the day. Enjoy!

I took the 9 words that she’s learned and had her write them on her board.
She did an amazing job!


Thank You Nana and Pompo

Today a big package arrived in the mail addressed to Isabel from Nana and Pompo, along with some surprise gifts that had been saved from Gma Tee. Enjoy!

After getting her out of the box, the first thing I wanted to do was change Sally’s clothes then I needed to feed her. Lots of work for a new mommy to do.

Nana picked out this outfit for me.
“I like purple” she says.

I got sparkly headbands, too.

Later in the evening, I’m still playing with Sally.
I love her, thank you so much Nana and Pompo (and Gma Tee too)!

Poured Concrete

Well, we finally got the concrete poured yesterday, after a few days of rain delay and backed up work orders. Enjoy!

Looking eastward for the shed.
The concrete piled up in the foreground was hauled away the following day.

Looking westward into the garbage can area.

This area holds all 3 cans, with 2 cans along the back and 1 can in front, very nice.

Looking east from the front of the house.
The area along the house, where the gas meter is located, we worked on the next day…

…a weed blocker was laid down and a thick layer of river rock was placed there, which matches the property line between our house and the neighbors.
Any left over rock we placed in that area as well.

Time To Paint

With the weather being so nice the past few days, Isabel has been so excited to get outdoors and do her 2 favorite things…paint and dig in the dirt! Today however was a day to paint. Hopefully the weather will continue to get warmer and we can get outside to do more. Enjoy!

She calls this one: flowers.
I absolutely love it and am thinking about getting it framed.

Discovery Bay – Part 2

Day 2; at Discovery Bay in Port Townsend and we sent the day just resting at the house. Gino’s heading out this afternoon to do some halibut fishing in the Strait with 3 of his friends (He told me he was going to blog about the trip himself; so you’ll have to bug him about that!). Isabel and I will spend the late afternoon and early evening by ourselves at the house. Enjoy!

The front of the 2 bedroom/1 bath rental looking north from the garage.
(All these house photos were taken over the first 2 days we were there and at about the same times; that’s why it’s evening)

Side door looking west. They use the side door as the front door and the front door remains locked.

Back of the house. Not a good shot but it’s the best I could do with the placement of the trees in the yard.

A view further down the yard, closer to the steps leading to the beach.

What the owner calls a “garage”. I call it a large storage room; you can find galoshes of all sizes and clamming shovels/buckets too. Along with other odds and ends for the house. Didn’t really go in; just poked my head in…


This morning we three girls headed to the beach, while Gino relaxed his back for the big fishing trip later in the day. Poor guy, his back went out the day before we left on the trip, so he was in some pain.

Isabel waiting for me to head to the beach.

This truly is a rare sight! Daisy is NOT a water dog; Dakota was the water dog. So to see her head out into the water all by herself was so exciting! I would have let her off the leash but with her whole foot issues lately, we were worried that the rocks and shells would cut it open again with her running around free range.

Baby crab…I saw several of these this morning clinging to the rocks and scattered along the ground.


Later that night with Gino gone and Isabel in bed, Daisy and I spent some time down by the water for a bit and then headed back up to the deck to sit and watch the sights around me!

Can you tell what this BIG guy/gal is!?!?!

Last night (the 7th) while we were roasting marshmallows, we watched as a bald eagle soared through the air catching it’s dinner for the evening. So AWESOME!

Tonight (the 8th), I was lucky to see it again and get a photo. Unfortunately, this is the closest I could get to it (0therwise I could have trespassed onto the neighbors property and gotten a closer view!). Earlier in the evening, just after I laid Isabel down for bed, I happened to catch 2 bald eagles soaring and locking claws just over the house! It was so thrilling to see this display…but I didn’t have the camera to get them when they were so close to me!

Down by the water, Daisy and I watched ducks and a blue heron out along the shore. Daisy was so fascinated by them, if she would have been off the leash, the birds and my crazy dog would have been gone! Also got to see what might have been a large otter (couldn’t tell in the dim light) cruising out in the water, maybe looking for a crab dinner in the bay!

Discovery Bay – Part 1

This weekend we headed north easterly to Discovery Bay and Port Townsend to do some deep sea fishing in the Strait of Juan De Fuca. We rented a small 2 bedroom house for two nights and enjoyed the sights and quite of the Bay area. Enjoy!

Not knowing what to expect, Isabel was a bit disappointed when she realized there wasn’t any sand; she got over that in a hurry when she realized she could have just as much fun throwing shells and other stuff in the water!

Having a great time playing in the water.

Shells and rocks littered the ground.

Some prettier then others.

The biggest mussel we’ve even seen. I tried prying it open but the little
bugger wouldn’t budge!

When we arrived the owner was at the house mowing the lawn and talked with Gino afterward about the bay. Come to find out during the month of July (best to get your reservation in early!) they rent the house out for those who want to cast some crab pots out in the bay!

(click image to enlarge)
The view off the deck looking toward the Strait at sunset.

The highlight of the day was making some smorse’s.

Getting the marshmallow just right.
Isabel can’t wait for her first taste of the gooey goodness!

I think it’s safe to say she likes them!
She ended up eating 2 before she started getting cold and wanted to go in.