Second Grade: Day 145

Today is Wednesday and it’s library and Chapel.

Isabel said today was Family Chapel but she didn’t mention what they talked about. Family Chapel is lead by a 6th grader and is a mixed age group of kids from K-5th. A great opportunity for leadership and growth for 6th graders. Also a great way for the younger kids to listen to their peers. I love Family Chapel.

During library she finally got to pick out a new library book after her little mishap with her old one. Today, she got a G. Stilton book “T. Stilton and the star castaways”. Sounds like a fun book about a mission to the moon!

Spring Program practice was only once today. Isabel said they sang through the songs and she got to see the set! She told me that I was going to LOVE it. She gets to stand by grass. I can’t wait until tomorrow night! She’s been giving me little bits and pieces of songs and they sound GREAT! So excited!

Second Grade: Day 144

Today is Tuesday.

During music class today they worked again on the risers, improving their hand motions and songs. Isabel said she can’t wait for the program to be over, I guess she’s tired of singing.

Ms. Mila was absent again today. Her family has been sick the past few days. Hopefully they are all feeling better soon.

Isabel was in after-school care because I had a staff training meeting after school. She was more talkative about after-school care then school. She talked at length about her “new” friend with Ms. Sydney, a third grader and whose mother is a co-worker of mine. Ms. Sydney has invited Isabel to her birthday party this Saturday and she’s super excited to go.

Second Grade: Day 143

Today is Monday and it’s music with Mr. G.

The Spring Program is this Thursday night. Isabel said that today they did “riser” practice. They went over how they were going to go up and down the risers and went through the songs and motions. Isabel said they went through the whole program twice.

The Bible verse for this week is…

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord,
not for men.” – Colossians 3:23

The Bible lesson this week is learning to forgive others.

S.a.T. (show and tell) this week is to share something that you have made. Isabel forgot. I forgot. However they didn’t do S.a.T. anyway because of program practice.

This week in math the class is learning 5 times tables and 2 times tables. Isabel said that she was helping Mr. Logan today with his 2 times tables because he didn’t understand them.

Also, this week the class will be learning the capital cursive: “C“, “O”, “E” and “D“.

The spelling words for this week are… none for this week.

Isabel did another fantastic job on her spelling and Bible test from last week. She got 100% on both again. She also got 100% on her 5 times math test from last week as well.

Second Grade: Day 142

It’s Friday!

Isabel was surprised that her name was drawn again for Bella Bear! She didn’t think she would get her again before the school year was out.
(I was too!)

2014-04-27 003_edited-1

Bella Bear with her journal.
Oh, the stories this little bear could tell!

Isabel fought me on writing in the journal. I told her she had to write more then she wrote last time (in March) Bella Bear came home for a visit. She complained for all of about 5 minutes and then she just took off writing. When she was all finished and she had read to me what she wrote, I told her I was proud of what she had written and for writing so much. Most of the other girls in class only write a few short sentences, which isn’t going to help when they start writing book reports next year!

In 7 weeks we will find out who the winner is for the Bella Bear journal.

Second Grade: Day 139

Today is Tuesday; it’s music class with Mr. G and A.S.O. (all school open).

Isabel they worked again on their hand motions. When I asked her if she knew them, she said no. I told her she better get learning them, the program is next week!

This week is Administrative Week. The staff is honoring our Administrative team Mrs. B, Mrs. K, and Mrs. G. Each day this week, we are honoring them with something different each day.

In A.S.O. this morning, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Elisa sang a unique song for our team and gave them each a certificate. Isabel said the song was great.

The ladies were also treated to a special long lunch out (away from school) with our Principal Mrs. B and our ELC supervisor Mrs. S. I went into the office to supervise while the ladies headed to lunch.

Isabel was in after-school care due to a staff meeting after school. So she didn’t have much to say about her school day, she was more talkative about after-school care.

Second Grade: Day 138

Today is Monday.

This week is Administrative Week. The staff is honoring our Administrative team of Mrs. B, Mrs. K, and Mrs. G who work hard in our school office to support everyone. Each day this week, we are honoring them with something different each day. Today’s special honor was a card, chocolates and flowers.

It’s music class with Mr. G. Isabel said that they worked on their hand motions that go with the songs for the program.

This week’s Bible verse is…

“Let the wise listen and add to their learning and let the
discerning get guidance.” – Proverbs 1:5

The Bible lesson for this week is listening to God – story of Mary and Martha.

For S.a.T. (show and tell) this week it was free choice.

2014-04-23 002_edited-1

Isabel took her dart launcher and darts.

When I asked her if anyone else had shared, she said no. It’s been 3 weeks and Isabel said she has been the only person to share something.

This week the class will be learning the capital letter cursive: “A“, “O” and “D“.

This week’s spelling words are…

celebrations: joyous gatherings, usually to mark important events
develop: to make something better; improve
furious: very angry
graceful: lovely way of moving
grocery store: a shop that sells food and household goods

Language arts this week is verbs-state of being (has, have and had) and “Chinatown“.

Last week I mentioned Isabel’s new online spelling homework that she does each day after school. She loves doing it, playing games makes learning the words more fun. Well, this morning, Teacher Mrs. A was telling the class that only 1 person got 100% on her spelling test…

2014-04-23 004_edited-1

Beautiful work!

2014-04-23 003_edited-1

Her Bible verse from last Thursday (no school Friday) is gorgeous too!
All her work from that day is BEAUTIFUL.

Resurrection Sunday 2014

Today is Resurrection Sunday!

My Project 1-001 (2)_edited-1

“The angel said to the woman, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; He has risen just as He said.” – Matthew 28:5-6a

Early in the afternoon Gino wanted to go for a drive and so we headed west to Gig Harbor and Fox Island.

We stopped at the Fox Island fishing pier…

2014-04-20 001_edited-1

Fox Island Fishing Pier.
The black and white photo is what it used to look like; the aerial
shot in color is what it looks like today.

2014-04-20 002_edited-1

Looking northwest toward the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the Sound.

A very nice sloped hike down to the pier. Pretty place to picnic with tables and bathrooms.

2014-04-20 004_edited-1

View from the top of the pier toward the Narrows Bridge.
Fishing from the pier must be popular.

2014-04-20 006_edited-1

The pier from the beach below.

2014-04-20 008_edited-1

Our little beach comber.

2014-04-20 011_edited-1

The driftwood was gorgeous… wish I could take a piece home.

After hiking back up to the top, we drove over to Fox Island Sand Spit.

2014-04-20 014_edited-1

More of the same shells but a lot more of them (bigger too)!

2014-04-20 015_edited-1

This tree stump looked and felt like paper.
So brittle it could break.

2014-04-20 016_edited-1

Looking west toward Carr Inlet.

2014-04-20 017_edited-1

Looking north toward the bridge that brings you to Fox Island.

2014-04-20 020_edited-1

Isabel and I at Fox Island Sand Spit.

2014-04-20 030_edited-1

Her beach combing finds.
A few large shells, a sand dollar, a few hermit crab shells and some smaller ones.

We also brought home a spider!?!….

2014-04-20 031_edited-1

No! it’s a baby crab!
Isabel thought it was a spider though and she wouldn’t go near the bag.

New Life Eggs 2014

With Resurrection Sunday tomorrow, Isabel dyed eggs with a little help from Mommy and Daddy.

2014-04-19 002_edited-1

Dyeing eggs is fun.

2014-04-19 003_edited-1

Mixing up the colors.

We used a gel dye that dissolves in water and it didn’t work as well as the liquid dye.

2014-04-19 005_edited-1

A few got a rubber band treatment.

2014-04-19 008_edited-1

Getting ready for a dip.

2014-04-19 009_edited-1

Down it goes.

2014-04-19 011_edited-1

Silly face.

2014-04-19 012_edited-1

All finished.
Tomorrow we’ll make deviled eggs with a few of these.