First Grade: Day 110

Today is Thankful Thursday and it’s P.E. with Mrs. S.

During P.E. today, they played pac-man and a new game with hula hoops. Isabel couldn’t remember the name but she thought it was fun.

Today was Pastor Shawn’s birthday! All the students went outside (in the rain) his office window to serenade him with a birthday song! It was great (and very loud!)!

Recess was in the gym today due to the down pour of rain outside all day. Even my little preschoolers stayed indoors today!

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(there is lots of work today! – 17 pages!!)

2013-02-28 018_edited-1

This week science lesson was on flight.

2013-02-28 019_edited-1

Discussing flight, which is the upward push of air.

2013-02-28 020_edited-1

The class activity, which they did the other day in the gym.
The class also did activities with flying discs too.

2013-02-28 021_edited-1

Front: “er“, “ir” and “ur“.
Love the artwork she did here!

2013-02-28 022_edited-1

Back: color the picture that matches the slide word.

2013-02-28 023_edited-1

Front: long “i”.

2013-02-28 024_edited-1

Back: color the picture that matches the slide word.

2013-02-28 025_edited-1

Front: follow the directions.

2013-02-28 026_edited-1

Back: circle the word that matches the picture and then write the word.

2013-02-28 027_edited-1

Front: working with contractions.

2013-02-28 028_edited-1

Back: working with contractions.

2013-02-28 029_edited-1

Math page using a ruler to measure the distance.

2013-02-28 030_edited-1

Another math page, she wasn’t finished.
This one is homework to be returned tomorrow, graded and given back.

2013-02-28 031_edited-1

Front: rhyme with /i/.

2013-02-28 032_edited-1

Back: color the pictures that rhyme.
Great coloring!

2013-02-28 033_edited-1

Front: circle the answer to the question.

2013-02-28 034_edited-1

Back: write the word to best complete the sentence.

First Grade: Day 109

It’s been two weeks exactly since we lost our truck to fire and just this morning we had a scare with our car!

Gino was heading into Seattle for a meeting with a client, when he hears a popping sound. As he pulls off the exit to leave the freeway, a noise from the tires causes him to get out and take a look! The rear tire blew out!

  • Thankfully Gino is alright.
  • Thankfully the car is not damaged.

So after taking it to the tire shop, it looks like we will have to buy 4 new tires for the spork!

Makes me want to just scream! I’m not going to though. I know that this is an attack on us for beginning FPU (Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey). I know it is!

We begin the class and two weeks later we get half of our baby step 1 complete. Two days later, our truck is gone! Two weeks later (today), we need new tires on the spork! Satan isn’t liking us for taking control over our money and getting real peace about our finances. He’s mean! He’s nasty!

We are not giving up! We will continue finding financial peace…

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Today is Wonderful Wednesday and it’s music class with Mr. G and computer lab with Mrs. T.

During music class with Mr. G, they sang all their favorite songs. Isabel’s favorite one lately has been “Oh! Susanna“.

While she was in the computer lab, Isabel completed 3 AR tests and got her Rising Reader Level 1″ award (she told me there are 5 levels)! The school is getting closer and closer to their 50 million words for the year. The total words so far read are: 18,241,025!

This coming, Friday the whole school will be participating in the “Read the Most“, the students will collectively try to break the record for the number of books read and AR tests taken on a single day!

After school, Isabel was again in the after-school care. Gino didn’t get her picked up until 6 p.m. They both arrived home around 6:30 or so. We got homework finished quickly before sitting down to eat dinner together and then it was off to bed. I missed them both today…


2013-02-28 001_edited-1

Front: “gn” says /n/ as in “sign” and “wr” says /r/ as in “wrap“.

2013-02-28 002_edited-1

Back: “ph” says /f/ as in “phone”.

2013-02-28 003_edited-1

Front: using describing words.

2013-02-28 004_edited-1

Back: answer the question with a describing word.

2013-02-28 005_edited-1

Front: crossword!

2013-02-28 006_edited-1

Back: describe the feelings.

2013-02-28 007_edited-1

Front: Geoboards (paper).

2013-02-28 008_edited-1

Back:  Geoboards (paper).

2013-02-28 009_edited-1

Front: Geoboards (paper).

2013-02-28 010_edited-1

Back: Geoboards (paper)

For the Geoboards (above) Teacher Mrs. B used a real Geoboard to create a shape. The class had to use their ruler to copy the same shape on their paper.

First Grade: Day 108

Today is Terrific Tuesday with Chapel and library.

Since Daddy has a business meeting today, he will be taking Isabel to school. I also have a meeting this afternoon, so I will be able to pick her up from school, with some help from a friend! Thank you!

Because she was in after-school care, we didn’t even discuss school activities. So I have no idea how her day at school actually went. We came home, started homework, ate dinner, finished homework, and then it seemed like it was time for bed!

Today was “Family Chapel“; where she gets together with other classmates (of various ages) in a small group and that group is lead by a 6th grader(s). Like an adult Bible study.

2013-02-26 004_edited-1

In “Family Chapel” they talked about Rahab and the spies.

2013-02-26 017_edited-1

Library book for this week. Sounds like an interesting adventure!
She told me she already has it read!

2013-02-26 013_edited-1

During library she finished choosing her book quickly and got to do an activity while waiting for her classmates to finish.

2013-02-26 005_edited-1Front: describing color, size, and shape.

2013-02-26 006_edited-1

Back: describing color, shape, size.

2013-02-26 007_edited-1

Front: working with this weeks spelling words.

2013-02-26 008_edited-1

Back: unscramble the spelling words.2013-02-26 009_edited-1

Front: write the words that match each picture.

2013-02-26 010_edited-1Back: circle the word that best completes the sentence.

2013-02-26 011_edited-1

Front: follow the directions.

2013-02-26 012_edited-1

Back: fill in the word that best completes the sentence.

2013-02-26 021_edited-1Isabel with her “Who” mask.
In after-school care, they talked about Dr. Seuss (who would be celebrating a birthday soon)
and made these cool masks!

2013-02-26 022_edited-1

Her crazy “Who” face.
She gave it green hair, one purple eye, one blue eye, freckles,
an orange face, braces on it’s teeth and a mustache!

First Grade: Day 107

It’s Marvelous Monday! Which means All-School Open too.

Today was NOT a good day for Isabel. I won’t go into detail but her behavior was so unlike her that Teacher Mrs. B and us were shocked by it. Hopefully her punishment will help her to remember to think before doing it again, so there won’t be a next time.

Therefore we did not get any information about the rest of her day and how it went. Hopefully tomorrow is a lot better for all of us.

This week’s Bible verse is:
(part 2 of last weeks verse)

“Keep His commands and obey Him; serve Him and hold fast to Him.”
– Deuteronomy 13:4b

2013-02-25 001_edited-1

Front: choose which word best completes the sentence.

2013-02-25 002_edited-1

Back: working with the spelling words for this week.

Spelling words for this week:

nine – line – like – hike – bite – while – funny – bunny – hurry –
warm – water – stuff – many – happen – learned – does

2013-02-25 003_edited-1

Measure the lines provided using paper clips.
How many does it take? Large? Small?

2013-02-25 004_edited-1

Math work.
Working with 10’s.

2013-02-25 005_edited-1

Front: color the picture with the /ûr/ sound.

2013-02-25 006_edited-1

Back: complete the words with the /ûr/ sound.

First Grade: Day 106 – Half Day

Today is Fantastic Friday and it’s only a half day!

It was a rainy soaked Friday at school so the kids had to have recess in the gym.

She took a spelling test too and she thinks she got 100% on it. Way to go!

2013-02-23 001_edited-1

She got 100% on her Bible verse this week!
She said 12 classmates got it right as well.

2013-02-23 002_edited-1

Front: answer the questions.

2013-02-23 003_edited-1

Back: find all the /ē/ sounds.

2013-02-23 004_edited-1

Front: add either ed, ed or ing.

2013-02-23 005_edited-1

Back: sort the animals and then match the words that go together.


After school Isabel and I went to Menchie’s® for a special treat from Aunt Julie and Uncle Mark.
They are so proud of her accomplishment at the Spelling Bee last month!


Isabel’s Menchie’s® treat!
Mint and chocolate with M&M’s and brownie bites! YUM!


Menchie’s® makes Isabel smile!

Thank you Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie!

First Grade: Day 105

Today is Thankful Thursday and it’s P.E. with Mrs. S and computer lab with Mrs. T.

Today for P.E. they played pac-man and 4 corners. Isabel said they got to rowdy so Mrs. S stopped all the crazy fun and had them listen to a story. Hopefully that got the crazy fun calmed down!

In computer lab they took a test on their classroom story for the week., “Around the World“.

The class finished up part 2 of this weeks science lesson called “Newton’s Third” and it’s about Newton’s third law of motion!

2013-02-21 003_edited-1Front: the class worked together on this activity.

She wants to do this at home and I told her, we could give it try since we have all the materials that we need. She was excited!

2013-02-21 005_edited-1

Back: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Which is action and reaction?

2013-02-21 006_edited-1

Front: describing words: feelings.

2013-02-21 007_edited-1

Back: tell how Jane is feeling: describing words.

2013-02-21 008_edited-1

Front: complete the sentence with the best word.

2013-02-21 009_edited-1

Back: complete the sentences and then circle the nouns.
She didn’t circle the nouns.

2013-02-21 011_edited-1

Front: say the word for the picture, circle the vowel sound, then write the word.

2013-02-21 012_edited-1

Back: write words that rhyme with “churn” and “shirt”.
Isabel didn’t do this one quite right…

2013-02-21 001_edited-1

Math page 1, homework for the day is on the back!
She went crazy with the whole star on the paper thing!!

2013-02-21 010_edited-1

Math work page 2, homework for the day is on the back.

First Grade: Day 104

Today is Wonderful Wednesday and it’s music class with Mr. G and computer lab with Mrs. T.

During computer lab with Mrs. T. Isabel said she took 3 AR tests today. She mentioned they went to music class but didn’t mention what they did.

Today was also part 1 of this weeks science lesson called “Newton’s Third” and it’s about Newton’s third law of motion!

Today they talked about birds flying, fish swimming, and cars moving. When objects push or pull, another object reacts with equal force in the opposite direction!

2013-02-21 002_edited-1

Learning about the law of motion.

2013-02-21 004_edited-1


Tomorrow they will finish this lesson on Newton’s third law of motion, with a science activity.

In other classroom work…

2013-02-20 038_edited-1

Front: working with he, she, it, or they.

2013-02-20 039_edited-1

Back: describing words: feelings.

2013-02-20 040_edited-1

Front: unscramble the spelling words.

2013-02-20 041_edited-1

Back: word sort with spelling words.

2013-02-20 043_edited-1

Front: complete the sentence with the best word.

2013-02-20 042_edited-1

Back: following directions.

2013-02-20 045_edited-1

Front: write the words that rhyme with tar.
The car picture is great!

2013-02-20 044_edited-1

Back: color the picture that matches with word.

Happy Birthday Daisy

Today is Daisy’s 10th Birthday!!

Wow! so much has happened and changing in those short 10 years it’s unbelievable that we’ve made it together this long. She is the longest pet that we have ever owned and the second longest pet I have owned.

2013-02-20 014_edited-1

She’s got a lot of white/grey in her face but don’t let that fool you!
She still has her “puppy” spunk!

2013-02-20 018_edited-1

Daisy at 10 years.

2013-02-20 033_edited-1

Best buds!