Project: Backyard North Side

Wednesday we are having a guy come out and clear out our north backyard. It’s been an eye-sore since the fence was built 8 years ago and it just seems to be getting worse. Gino and I can’t move the dirt and debris by ourselves so the guy with the bobcat will do it for us!


Looking west toward the front of the house.
This area is a catch all for all our extra yard junk.


Wood and boards from the fence. Pavers and block from the pathways.
Broken buckets and old pots from plants.
Lots and lots and lots of rocks (not just from the gravel pile in the foreground) from around the yard.


Looking east toward the back of the house.
Our weed patch and hill home to slugs, bugs and a few years ago, a bunny and her babies.

Grandma Sends A Package

Today Isabel got a whole-lot-of-love in the mail! She was super excited after she opened it because it held so many things she loves to do!

Thank you Grandma (and Grandpa) for all the fun boredom-busters!

2014-06-24 004_edited-1

Her box holds a H.K. summer journal book, a bracelet making kit, stickers, word find books (she’s so into these right now), a mini beach ball, sunglasses, loops (to make potholders!),
and a bowl holder (from our Auntie Em!).

2014-06-24 006_edited-1

She got right to work on finishing a potholer she’s been working on for sometime but ran out of loops.

2014-06-24 012_edited-1

She’s crazy for loops or maybe she’s just crazy!!

Year End Awards

Isabel got several awards for the Fourth Quarter.

Her character award for this year is “gentleness”.

2014-06-18 001_edited-1

She got an award for perfect attendance.
No absentee days for this girl!

2014-06-18 003_edited-1

If she got actual grades, she would be on the HONOR ROLL for the year!
Isabel was the only person in class to get this award.

She will begin to get “grades” in third grade and with a little hard work she’ll make
the actual honor roll next year.

2014-06-18 004_edited-1

She got excellence in academics for the fourth quarter.

2014-06-17 001_edited-1

Year end photo with Teacher Mrs. A.

New Glasses

It’s been 10 years and I’m finally getting new frames and lens for my face.

I get them on Tuesday after an eye exam because my last eye exam 3 years ago is to long ago (it’s the law).


This pair is thicker and blue to make my blue eyes POP!


This pair is similar to what I have now but the lens area is wider and this frame is black.

New Backyard Lights

We purchased some new backyard solar lights this weekend and they look awesome! Last night I went outside, around 10:30 p.m. to get some photos of our “new” area.

2014-06-14 009_edited-1

Looking west along the south side of the yard.

We have a total of 16 lights in the yard and they light up nicely during cloudy conditions. The lights have been up for only 2 nights, so we need some sun to get the batteries fully charged.

2014-06-14 010_edited-1

Looking northwest toward the patio and shed.
BTW, it’s a lot darker then the pictures appear to make it.

Gino placed one light in the planter(far left) along the paved pathway to help see where your going. Otherwise the lights are placed along the patio edge and curbing.

2014-06-14 014_edited-1

One of my flowers in the light of new solar lights.

Second Grade: Day 176

Today is Friday and it’s the last week of school!

Isabel had a great day.

She watched a movie before lunch. They watched Milo and Otis about a cat and a dog.

After lunch the class had their read-in. Isabel was so excited this morning, she didn’t understand why they didn’t do this more often during the year.

Later in the afternoon after the read-in, the class celebrated 5 summer birthdays. They had cupcakes and goodie bags were handed out. The goodie bags had candy, glow sticks, a paddle ball, and bubbles.

Isabel brought home a lot of work from throughout the year. She brought home her journal, her math folder, her easy dictionary and her phonic practice journal.

  • The journal was written in almost everyday. Teacher Mrs. A would give the class a topic and they would have to write a short story about the topic.
  • The math folder was where she kept math pages during class.
  • The easy dictionary was a reference that Teacher Mrs. A gave the each of the kids with lists of common words they would need to know how to spell. In the back of the folder, Teacher Mrs. A left pages for the kids to write words they could ask her to spell for them.
  • The phonic practice journal was used for phonics that were given each week.

She also brought home her reading challenge for the summer. She’s been given the challenge to read 2,500 minutes for 2 1/2 months over the summer. She needs to record the time, 20 minutes a day, on the Scholastic website.