Finished Room

So we finally got her room all done, it took a bit longer then we were expecting but it turned out great. However there are a few more little things that I need to do but otherwise her room is complete…

Welcome to Isabel’s new room…

We took the risers off her bed which took away the storage underneath but I was able to find a container to fit under the bed for all her babies.

With the risers gone she doesn’t really need the steps but she likes¬†climbing¬†up them and the top step opens for storage for her pj’s during the day.

Need to get the decor back up on the walls but need to purchase a few new things.

Tumbling Tykes: Day 20

Today was our last tumbling/gymnastics class. ūüôĀ

The class was set up with the usual obstacle course. Each area was given to working on exercises that the kids have learned in class. Forward rolls, log rolls, monkey roll, dismount, keeping feet together, airplane arms, and just having fun with Ms. Mo!

Working on the trampoline and dismount.

Ms. Mo brought her box of stuffed animals and each of the kids got to pick an animal to keep with them throughout the day. In some of areas, Ms. Mo had the kids act like the animal that they had chosen.  Isabel chose a turtle and later she chose a jellyfish.

Tip-toe straddle over the mat.

Log jumping keeping feet together.


The kids got a ribbon for completing the class.

The Closet Gets Organized

Yesterday Gino worked on getting the closet organizer in, while the paint dried on the baseboards.

The closet beforehand was just a simple shelf and rod to hang the clothes. However it really wasn’t that¬†practical since the rod was divided with spacers, causing the clothes to be spaced apart. The new organizer has a “floating” rod which makes room for more clothes to be hung. Also, the whole closet space is used rather then the upper half. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Anchor mounts mounted.

While Daddy’s working on that, Isabel plays with the plastic wrappers from the mounting hardware.

She’s more the happy with her new room… she’s all smiles!

The top shelf needed a trim and then was placed into position.

The rod was trimmed down too and the rest of the organizer was easy to add.
So much space!

Now there is a upper rod and a lower half rod with shelves for clothes.
We ditched the dresser and are just using the closet!
I love this organizer so much that I told Gino we needed something like this in our “master” rinky-dink closet.

In With The Wood

Gino began the flooring today.

I like it already and it’s not even done.

That looks so good!

Daddy’s little helper, at least she has all the right tools.

Tapping boards into place.

Close up of her new flooring. So different from the den floor, which has more red in it .

Looking north into the closet.

Finished flooring… well almost. We had to order 1 box because we ran out. So we wait…

Out With The Carpet

We had to wait a few days for the flooring to arrive which was nice because the room was able to air out from the new paint smell. We just opened the window and shut the door!

Out comes the carpet.

Carpet and padding gone from half of the room.

The carpet completely removed.

I’ve got to get to work removing all those staples in the floor from the padding.

After prepping the floor, Gino lays the floor padding; for tomorrow he lays the wood!

We went with the same flooring that we used in the den 2 years ago just a different color; Almond Hickory. It really tones down the purple that was starting to cast purple out the hall and down the stairs! Yikes!

Tumbling Tykes: Day 19

Today was a great day for tumbling/gymnastics! A lot of new exercises were introduced and a few old ones were brought back!

After warming up, the kids were doing the CHICKEN LIMBO!

Ms. Mo had them hold their back (just above their hiney), lift their chin, and bend their knees slightly. While leaning back they were to do the CHICKEN LIMBO!

The class has dwindled down to just a hand full now. Hopefully it will continue throughout the summer!

This was the tip-toe rope walk, which looked to be difficult because the rope would roll as they tip-toed across it.

Over on the long mat, Ms. Mo had a sort of game going. She had a large spinner with different animals on it and each of the kids spun the spinner to see what animal they were to be. Then they were to act out the animal that they got! Above Isabel is doing a snail and she did a great job at it too!

Working their way around the room the kids went from each exercise set up, there was: Chicken limbo, the tip-toe rope walk, a log-leaping course, hop scotch, a dismount exercise and then the animal game. After the kids went around the room on their own for awhile, Ms. Mo gathered them at the long mat…

They were told (and shown) that today they were going to forward roll all the way down the mat! Up to this point the kids were only doing one forward roll at a time. So this was more of a challenge to get the proper technique of the forward roll and continuing it all the way down the mat!

Almost there!

The marker scent today was marshmallow!

Graduation Gifts

So Isabel graduated last week from preschool and we got her a few gifts celebrate.

So proud of our little graduate!

She’s been¬†fascinated¬†with the whole “Tangled” movie since she watched it a few weeks ago. So much so that she actually cut her own hair and has been walking around the house with baby blankets tied to her head as hair (I remember doing that but it wasn’t because of Rapunzel). So I thought enough with the blankets lets get her an actual¬†“Tangled” wig!…

So here is our¬†Rapunzel, with her very own “golden hair”.

Then today she added the dress and the crown because Rapunzel had a dress and a crown in the movie.  To cute!