First Grade: Day 167 – Half Day

Today is Fantastic Friday! Today is a half day for teacher in-service.

Today Isabel’s class had P.E. with the other first grade class AND the second grade class! That’s a lot of kids in the gym! They played “sharks and minnows” and “clean the yard“. They also did a few running laps around the gym.

They had one recess and then school was out at noon.

We also had a fire drill and I got to see Isabel in passing. My class did a great job following in line and keeping still and quite for several minutes during the drill. Most of the kids get a bit scared when the alarm goes off.

My class also had “Dad’s and Doughnuts“. We invited Dad’s to share doughnuts with their kids and then the kids gave their dad a gift that they made. We had a great time and 100% participation! It was so awesome to see Dad’s in the classroom.


Not much work was done today since it was only a half day. There are only 2 weeks and 2 days of school left in our school year for Isabel. I will be completed with my Preschool class on Friday of next week! Looking forward to summer!

2013-05-31 001_edited-1

Complete the sentences with the best word.

2013-05-31 002_edited-1

100% on her Bible verse this week.

First Grade: Day 166

Today is Thankful Thursday and it’s P.E. with Mrs. S.

Today’s P.E. class was cancelled due to the Preschool/Kindergarten Teddy Bear Picnic in the gym. So the class got an extra recess and extra computer lab time. Isabel liked the extra recess time best.


2013-05-30 001_edited-1

Front: read the story and complete the sentences.
Someone spelled “sandwitch” wrong?

2013-05-30 002_edited-1

Back: circle the word that matches the picture.

2013-05-30 003_edited-1

Front: math work for today.

2013-05-30 004_edited-1

Middle: more math work.

2013-05-30 005_edited-1Back: more math work.

New Melon

Last night we cut open our mystery melon and enjoyed it’s great flavor.

2013-05-28 018_edited-1

Do you know what type of melon this is????

It’s not a honeydew.

It’s not a cantaloupe.

It’s not a casaba.

It’s not a crenshaw.

It’s a…

2013-05-28 019_edited-1

Sharlyn melon!
Have you heard of it? We haven’t.

A Sharlyn melon tastes like a cantaloupe and a honeydew combined! It has a texture of vanilla ice cream so there is no need to chew, it’s creamy and smooth! You can eat all the way down to the outer rind. We all enjoyed it’s great taste and smooth cool texture.

2013-05-28 021_edited-1

The seeds were all grouped together. Very clean inside this melon.

2013-05-28 022_edited-1

Scooping them out was easy!

2013-05-28 023_edited-1

They stayed together even after we picked them up a few times.

This special melon is a great “treat” during the summer. However it is rare and comes with a very high price, our melon was over $10.00 but worth the try! The market where we purchased it said, they only get them once a year.

Ginkgo Petrified Forest

On our way home from our trip to Moses Lake, we stopped at the Ginkgo Petrified Forest state park. Enjoy!

2013-05-28 006_edited-1

Love this pattern in the rock.

2013-05-28 007_edited-1

Can you count the rings?

2013-05-28 009_edited-1

Isabel thought this place was cool.

2013-05-28 012_edited-1

Some large pieces, some small and some bigger than this one!

2013-05-28 024_edited-1

Gino loved this local piece of petrified rock.
It’s petrified fir.

2013-05-28 025_edited-1

Looks like wood… but it’s rock!
So pretty.


We started watching these Canadian geese, after the female built a nest by one of the over-flow ponds on our street. She would sit on her nest morning, noon, and night, shine or rain or more rain and more rain. As we watched these birds (the male was usually close by), the excitement of seeing the goslings was something we had never seen before.

After reading about the birds on the internet, I learned that it takes 28 days for the eggs to hatch. On the day they hatch the goslings, hatch early in the morning with both parents attending. After the goslings are hatched the female will then get the goslings right into the water. 16 weeks, after they are born, the goslings can fly, that will be September!

2013-05-28 014_edited-1

Our Canadian goose family grew by 4 this morning!
4 yellow goslings went for a swim, all in tow behind mommy! (I should have got a picture of that!)

I’m so excited for these birds. I have always thought Canadian geese were cool and I LOVE to hear and see them honk their way across the sky in that massive “V” pattern. We will keep watching these little babies as they grow over the next several months. There is also a family of ducks in the same pond area. So awesome!

Moses Lake Trip

For the holiday weekend, we headed over to Moses Lake to visit our family in the area. We had a great time even for the short amount of time we were there. Enjoy!

2013-05-27 002_edited-1

Playing basketball in the dining room before it’s time for bed.
These cousins know how to play well together. Always laughing and being silly together.

2013-05-27 003_edited-1

Isabel’s basket went in the net!
Aaron made a few baskets as well.

2013-05-27 008_edited-1

Cute cousins!

2013-05-27 013_edited-1

Aaron’s ready for bed but Isabel wanted to read some books.

2013-05-28 003_edited-1Can’t tell from this photo but they were both sad that we had to leave so soon.
Aaron 4 years (he tells you he’s 5) and Isabel 7 years.