Lets Cut Paper part 2

We worked again with scissors yesterday. Isabel was impressed by the little “corral” of sheep that she made, I decided to post a photo of her creations! Enjoy!

On the Farm. This was actual fun to watch her cut out because she had to discard the corner pieces after she cut them off. I don’t think she fully understood the project until I taped the sides up to “corral” the sheep. Very cute!

Projects included in today’s scissor lesson were:
Ship shape (cutting diagonally), Blast Off!, (pieces cut apart to make a rocket), Tug-of-War! (pieces cut apart to make a tug-of war game), Let’s Go Hiking! (pieces cut apart and then reassembled like a puzzle), and On the Farm (a “corral” for the sheep).

Gotta Wear Gloves

This morning I was busy cleaning the bathroom while Isabel finished up her breakfast and when she was done, I cleaned her up and let her down to play. She immediately headed to the bathroom and I proceeded to tell her to not go in. She obeyed and sat down on her potty, which was just outside the door while I cleaned. She sat while I began to clean the floor and then realized what I was doing and wanted to know if she could help. I told her no and then explained to her that the products I was using to clean the bathroom were harmful to her (and to mommy for that matter) and that mommy needed to wear gloves to protect herself. So Isabel left mumbling about gloves and protection from the chemicals. She appeared again a few minutes later looking like there was a blizzard outside…

Gloves and a hat to protect her from the chemicals!
“Can I help clean?…PLEASE!!!!!” she says

Patio Project – part 3

So today the guy’s came out this morning, bright and early, and poured the new 10 foot by 10 foot concrete pad before the weekend. On Monday, they will be back to finish up the last of the work. Enjoy!

Looking south, existing pad side.

Looking north, new pad side.

Both pads with 2 inch boarder in between equal a total patio area of 26 feet by 12 feet.

Isabel was enjoying herself out here! I think she’s found a new place to play…now only if the weather would warm up to use it!

Patio Project – part 2

Well, after a few days of rain and the weekend, the men came back to haul, pour, and smooth out concrete for the 2 foot boarder.

Isabel enjoyed watching the men work and had lots of questions as to what they were doing. Daisy on the other hand has been a little annoyed with the whole project; she just wants “her” yard back!

We went with a “stamped” colored boarder. This is just the first step in the process…looks cool!

Spring Fair

We attended the 20th anniversary of the Spring fair (it was a record breaker too…118,557 in attendance) for the first time. It was a whole day of adventure with tons of things to see, lots of things to do, and tons of fair food! Enjoy!

Isabel’s first fair game and she won the “BIG” prize all by herself…

A duck! Later in the day she won another duck and she calls this one the “momma” and the other one is the “baby”, because it’s smaller.

After walking around for about an hour trying to find a kiddie ride for Isabel to ride on. We ended up playing another game…and she won at this one too!

She caught a fish and won a prize…

A turtle…just like “Crush” in “Finding Nemo”.

After this game, we again walked around some more trying to find a ride Isabel’s size and then realizing all the really long lines were for the kiddie rides! We decided we didn’t want to spend the whole day waiting in a line, so we walked through all the exhibits and saw crafts, artwork, and lots (lots and lots) of animals! We saw miniature horses, pygmy goats, llama’s, pigs, chickens (didn’t know there were some really gorgeous chickens!), ducks, roosters, cows, rabbits, baby turkey’s, and miniature donkey’s. We even got to see the DockDogs preform, which Isabel thought was very fun and entertaining!

After walking around seeing all the animals, we headed over to the giant Ferris wheel hoping to get on board. Unfortunately Isabel was to short to ride; even with an adult! You can’t tell by the look on her face but she was so upset that she couldn’t ride. Bummer…maybe next year!

On our way out of the fair grounds I happened to notice a building sign that read “kids crafts”. I was curious and we entered inside and realized this was the place we needed to start our day at! The building was full of crafts for kids (most were FREE) and learning areas for them to explore. Isabel had a blast!

Spin art with a Frisbee!



After the spin art we headed over to a table and Isabel made a bracelet with beads and a rice shaker necklace. There were other tables with other things to do as well, but we were so hungry and tired we didn’t get to see or do them all…maybe next year…

Music tree.

Next year we’ll have to find this building again and do all this stuff first…maybe…I did overhear a lady say that at that moment it was her first “break” in the crowd all day. So maybe it was good we did this last, we didn’t have to “fight” the crowds…

Patio project – part 1

This week we had different contractors come out and do bids on our patio extension. Since the existing patio is to small, only 10 feet by 10 feet. After much consideration, we decided on a contractor and the work began the following day!

The men came out and had to dig down a bit to get the frame ready for concrete.

…the following 2 days it rained and the work stopped.