Project: South Living Room Wall

We wanted to do something special to our south wall in order to draw your eye to that end of the room. We didn’t simply want to paint the wall, that’s boring. So we found this company online that sells thin reclaimed boards that can be applied simply and easily to the wall.

Installation was easy, once you get the hang of it.

2015-08-24 002_edited-1

The first thin panel is applied.

2015-08-24 006_edited-1

Getting a random pattern started was tricky because we are so picky.

2015-08-24 007_edited-1

In an hour we got about half the wall completed!
It looks awesome.

2015-08-24 013_edited-1

With the T.V. mount removed we can continue working down the wall.
The green tape marks the spot were the mount will go when the wall is completed.

2015-08-24 017_edited-1

Different angle from above.

2015-08-24 020_edited-1

Moving along now that there are less cuts again.

2015-08-24 024_edited-1

Again different angle than from above.

2015-08-24 027_edited-1

Close-up of the wood.
So awesome!

2015-08-24 034_edited-1

Almost there just a few more cuts around the outlet and then it’s complete.

2015-08-24 039_edited-1

The texture and look are just what we wanted.

Onto the next project, the fireplace.

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