Second Grade: Day 42

Today is Thursday and it’s P.E. class.

For P.E. class they played shark island and big mouth. Big mouth is a game were everyone stands on the gym line at one end and you try to hold your breath while you run to the other side of the gym. If you can’t hold your breath you have to stop right where you are until everyone has stopped. The person that holds there breath the longest is the big mouth. Isabel said she was surprised with how far she got across the gym. She didn’t make it all they way to become the big mouth.


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Bible verse practice test.
The red is what she couldn’t remember during the test.

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Second Grade: Day 41

Today is Wednesday and it’s Chapel.

I didn’t get a picture of Isabel in her Chapel dress this morning because we were running late! Then I had to scrap the windows on the car before we left. So no picture.

This week’s Chapel was Family Chapel. Family Chapel is once a month and is lead by the sixth graders. Each class (1st-6th) grade is divided up into a family and then that family meets in a classroom. This year the Family Chapel groups will be going over the school theme for this year and how they can SOAR in Relationships, Responsibility and Relationships (the 3R’s).

“Soar on wings like eagles.” Isaiah 40:30-31

Today was Mr. Liam’s last day of school. Isabel said that his mom brought in cupcakes at the end of class and they all wished him well. When I asked her where he was going, she said she didn’t know. I am thinking he might be moving but would have to ask Teacher Mrs. A for sure. Mr. Liam has been in Isabel’s class since Kindergarten and he will be missed. Such a cute kid, even though he can be rough.

God bless you Mr. Liam wherever the Lord leads you!


She brought home a lo of graded classwork today. They are working so hard in class.

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Second Grade: Day 40

Today is Tuesday and it’s music class with Mr. G.

Yesterdays music class was cancelled but Isabel said they had class today. They are still working on their Christmas program songs.

She didn’t say much about school today and I didn’t get to see her until after my meeting at 5 p.m.


She didn’t bring home much work but she did have 3 pages of homework to complete and return for tomorrow.

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Second Grade: Day 39

Today is Monday and it’s the last Monday of the month and it’s also music class with Mr. G.

Where in the world did the moth go? It’s almost turkey time! Crazy!

Speaking of November, there are several special Chapels coming up during the month. There is a Veterans’ Day Chapel on November 6th, a Grandparents Day Chapel on November 13th, and an Honors’ Chapel on November 20th.

Also coming up in November are the first parent/teacher conferences they will be held the week of November 12th-15th. Classes that week will only run until noon.

Today Isabel said that Mrs. Mila wasn’t at school. She was a bit sad but overall she had a good day. She played on the rings and watched the boys play football during recess. I keep telling her to get out there and play with some of the other girls…

There was no music class today because Mr. G was at home with a sick kiddo. Hopefully she gets better soon.

This week’s Bible verse is…

“The Lord is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation.
He is my God and I will praise Him.”- Exodus 15:2a

The S.a.T.’s (show and tell) theme this week is: share something special about your family. Isabel didn’t share this week because she said she couldn’t think of anything.

The Bible lesson this week is God providing at the Red Sea.

The spelling words for this week are…

alongside: by the side of
chores: jobs that have to be done regularly
engine: motor
simple: not difficult, fancy
sprout: begin to grow

Language arts for this week is plural nouns and “Helping Out”.



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Bible lesson for last week was about the Passover.

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Bible verse test from Friday.

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Spelling/vocabulary test from Friday.

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Second Grade: Day 38 – Half Day

Today is Friday!

What a week! It’s was a busy busy week. With meetings, a birthday, field trip, school, work, homework and errands, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Isabel didn’t mention anything about her day at school.

School (elementary) had let out at noon and she had gone into the after school program while I was at work. When I finally picked her up at 3:30 p.m., her regular school day was all but forgotten, which happens when she is in the after school program.


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Second Grade: Day 37

Today is Thursday and it’s P.E.

Today’s P.E. class was cancelled due to a potluck luncheon for all preschooler’s and parents. So Isabel’s class got an extra recess thrown in!

Other then getting the extra recess today, Isabel didn’t say a word about school.

I was extra busy after school today so didn’t get a chance to talk with her until later at home and by then I was thinking homework and dinner.


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She missed 1.
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Practice Bible verse test from yesterday.
The class does 2 practice tests for the Bible verse each week with the actual test on Friday.

Happy Birthday Gino

Today is Daddy’s birthday!

Mommy worked really hard at keeping everything a secret including his new gift. Since he always tends to find out what his getting.

Mommy made his favorite burrito’s and we had gluten-free cupcakes from our favorite local baker. Everything was yummy!

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It’s big and heavy.
What could it be?

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It’s a brewing machine or as Daddy said, “a stink machine”.
I like to think of it as a “less stink machine” since I can’t smell the aroma as much as I can with traditional coffee maker.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Second Grade: Day 36 – Field Trip

Today is Wednesday and it’s Chapel, it’s library day and it’s also a field trip day!

In library today, Isabel got a Boxcar Children book. She is going to read it to me for her after school reading homework. This week she check-out “The Mystery at the Alamo”. Can’t wait to find out what the mystery is.

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Isabel’s new Chapel dress.
She has grown so much since school began she’s grown out of all her dresses!

Today’s Chapel was given by Mrs. D, our librarian. Mrs. D spoke about obedience from Joshua 22:5

“But be very careful to keep the commandment and the law that moses the servant of the Lord gave you; to love the Lord you God, to walk in obedience to him, to keep his commands, to hold fast to him and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.” – Joshua 22:5

Mrs. D explained that this message is for all “folks”, which means everyone. She made a clever acrostic to help us “folks” remember…

Follow Him
Obey Him
Love Him
Keep Him close
Serve Him

The field trip was just after noon and I was a driver with 3 other classmates and Isabel. I drove them to another campus in our school district and we watched a skit given by our local fire and rescue department. There were lots of laughs as 3 silly clowns gave tips to all the kids on how to be safe in your home, at the pool and in the car. The skit lasted about an hour and half, I was able to drop the kids off and then pick Isabel up at the end of the day.


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Isabel told me today that she doesn’t like to write the letters “Q” and “J”. When I asked her why, she just said she doesn’t like to.

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