School News: Shaft Painting

This morning we were doing well on time but when we actually got out the door, we some how lost several minutes and arrived at school later then normal. Thankfully, we weren’t to late and Isabel was able to get her name written in time. It looks to be a good day patchy clouds with the sun shining through. Enjoy!

How she doing?

The Bible story today was from Matthew 14:13-14 and was the story of Jesus healing the multitudes.

Continuing with the theme of birds this week, the class painted pictures with the shaft of a feather. Isabel’s picture is of a rainbow with the sky above (the purple above the rainbow is her attempt at making the color purple; since there was no purple paint!). She also wrote her name with the feather as well. The “L” got smeared because she got her sleeve to close to the paint!

The special helper was Presley. For show and tell Presley brought a Zhu Zhu pet. There were actually 2 of them (one big one small) Isabel said, one of them walked and made squeaky noises. For snack Presley brought to share orange halves and juice.

School News: Letter Y

The day moved quickly and before I knew it, I was back at the classroom picking her up!

Today was Chapel and they heard the story of Elijah. The Bible story in class was about Jonah. In keeping with the bird theme for the week, Mrs. W read the book “Little Chick’s Breakfast” by Mary DeBall Kwitz. Isabel said it was a fun book.

The letter Y is for: yarn and yo-yo.

Ladybugs in the classroom!

The special helper was Isabella. For show and tell she brought a bunny. For snack she brought to share cupcakes and juice.

Tumbling Tykes: Day 12

It was hard to take photos today, the kids were moving around so much and Ms. Mo wanted to keep them moving and keep that heart a pumping!

They started their warm-up with a run and jump over Ms. Mo’s stick. They were supposed to run and jump in one fluid motion, most of them could do this but most lost their balance on the down side of the jump. Isabel did a good job; a few times she would lose her balance and stumble a bit. After jumping the stick, Ms. Mo had them jump on the trampoline. The object here was to bounce and then jump off the tramp without stopping and keeping upright. A lot of hesitation about bouncing/jumping off instead of stopping but they all did a great job! Most of them fell over after landing but you can see improvement! After jumping on the trampoline the kids moved around the room doing different exercises like…

1. doing the “star” jump off the dismount stairs and landing in the dismount position
2. hopping through rings
(this was a new activity and the kids didn’t seem to understand at first)
3. slalom cones or jumping cones
(they could pick which exercise they wanted to do here)
4. balance boards.
5. hand-eye coordination boards
(Isabel was able to catch the ball on both boards!)
6. hula-hoop hopping (another new activity but they got this one!)
7. individual work with Ms. Mo on the mat
(here they were practicing the forward roll; Isabel is very close to doing a forward roll and then standing up! – Ms. Mo told me after class)

“Star” jump off the dismount stairs into dismount position.

Hopping through the “new” rings. Like the tires football players hop through.

Slalom cones; Isabel chose to hop over instead of zig-zag each time.

Balance board work; she didn’t balance today.

Ms. Mo gave them a new exercise to practice at home… and I can’t remember the name of it, I do remember how to do it! She also wants forward roll practice, she mentioned that by next class she wants to see them standing up on their own without help!


School News: Birds

This week the class is talking about birds. So when she got home from school and I asked her if they talked about birds she said, “I think so, because we made a duck.”

The homework bulletin board for April with the flower (homework) that I shared earlier in the month. BTW… Isabel’s flower is just below the word “here”.

The academics board for the month of April.
I normal don’t get a photo of this one but the color this month is purple and Isabel’s been excited about that!

After class and everyone had left Nevan, his mom, and Isabel were visiting the Science table together.

Making ducks… Isabel cut out the “wings”. On the way to the car from the classroom it got really wet, so just after this picture was taken the “wings” fell off. I re-glued them and hope that it sticks.

Isabel’s bean plant from last month. They were finally able to bring them home. I think if we get into a bigger pot that it will do very well. The plant itself isn’t large but it has tons of roots!

They played in the gym today since the rain was coming down hard all morning long. They played duck-duck-goose and sailors and sharks. Isabel said she didn’t get tagged to be a sailor but she was fine with that she liked being a shark.

The special helper today was Dany. For show and tell Dany brought 3 books, 1 of them was in Spanish and an sheep that looked like Isabel’s Lula. For snack Dany brought to share “Cuties” and graham cracker bunnies and a drink.

25th Annual Easter Eggstravaganza

The school where Isabel attends held an Eggstravaganza on Saturday and it was a perfect day for the event. The event was held from 9 a.m. to noon and there were egg-hunts for all ages (crawlers to 12 years), face painting, 5 large inflatables, food, drawings, pony rides ($5.00), free balloons, a fire truck, live music (from the schools band) and 40,000 eggs!

Waiting patiently to go to the Eggstravaganza.

We arrived early enough to park in the school parking lot (some people had to park several blocks away!) and headed over to several of the inflatables for Isabel to crawl up, over, in, and slide down. We walked around and entered a few drawings and then headed over to “the fields” and the fire truck.

Sitting in the fire truck! She told the firemen thank you for keeping her and others safe.

Big smiles are had by all who sit in this seat! One little guy got so upset with his Daddy… big tears!

Enjoying the sunshine sitting on the front of the truck.

After that we headed back over to the gym to get Isabel’s face painted. The line moved quickly enough and we were done before the big egg hunt began.

Picking out a design; a bunny, a pirate, flowers, a heart with a cross in the middle, and a rainbow. Isabel chose the rainbow.

Holding still.

Cool! It actually last all day until bath time.
She actually wanted to keep it on until school on Monday.

Getting ready for the fire engine blast!

[vimeo clip_id=”22866258″ width=”400″ height=”300″]

A quick shot of the crowd that attended with us.

Look at all those eggs… how many you going to get Isabel? She says 40…

… and she’s off (along with hundreds of other kids!!!).
3+ hours of waiting and it was over in 1 minute… seriously!

How many did you get Isabel?… 13!
(selective picking, going for the orange/pink ones this year)

Stained Glass Wings

The sun came out this afternoon for a bit and Isabel has been asking to get outside for a while now now to dig in the dirt. It was still a bit chilly so she bundled up and headed out.

I found this bug on the house wall and thought I would take a picture; when I downloaded the photos I noticed that my little bug was actually a flying “stained-glass” work of art! Very cool little bug!

All smiles to be outside digging!

More digging going on… she’s happy!