Post hole marking and digging

So the next project work day, Gino went out and measured out where 23 fence posts were going to be located along the property line. After that; the following day he rented a post hole auger to drill the holes. Which worked out rather well since he ended up only having to dig 4 by hand because the auger hit BIG rocks.

Ok so this is a little odd one…Gino was marking the ground with this marking paint and was showing me how to use it to paint some stakes that he needed. Well, he paints this word on the ground and neither one of us says the word. So we go about our business; Gino measuring for the stakes and I marking the stakes with paint. Well, Isabel is out walking around playing in the dirt and what not. When she walks over to this word painted on the ground and reads it! “Hi” she says. I was blown away! Smart kid.

This is a view of the back of our property. Our posts will be located were the orange stakes are.

Today Gino rented a post hole auger to drill his holes for the posts.

Each hole was between 20 and 24 inches deep depending on how big the rocks were.