Happy 1st Birthday!

Our friends the Wares little boy, Chris, celebrated his first birthday this past weekend! We know the Wares through Gino’s office and because their oldest son, Jimmy, is four days older then Isabel. So we headed north about an hours drive to spend the afternoon celebrating at the park. What fun!

The Wares: Jim, Val holding Chris, and Jimmy.

Cupcakes are so yummy – even more so when they are lemon flavored with lemon frosting! Yum!

Sharing chips…he wouldn’t take it. Jimmy was shy.

Isabel showing Chris how the toy we gave him works.

Happy birthday boy!

New park = loads of fun!

Swings! We don’t have swings at our park at home.

Jimmy was all over the playground; so trying to get a good photo was very hard to do.

Just one quick hug before we leave. Thanks for the invite Val, we had lots of fun and it was nice to get away from working on the home projects.

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