Third Grade: Day 15 – Cell Model

Today was all about Science at school at home!

Today started with Bible in Genesis 18:1-15 and Luke 4:31-44.

In our memorization of a Psalm 8 poem/song, Isabel had to write out the verse from memory.

2014-09-26 010_edited-1

I’m loving her writing!
Beautiful isn’t it.

Her read-aloud book, is her Friday book, “Lawn Boy”. The book is about a boy who starts a lawn mowing business to buy inner tubes to ride his bike. This is the 2nd week she’s been reading this book, and she tells me, the book is funny and riveting and she’s enjoying it.

Today’s science was to build a 3D Cell Model!

Using items in our own kitchen, Isabel (with help from Daddy) made her own cell model!
(so awesome!!)

2014-09-26 002_edited-1

Her cell model includes:

  • spiral noodles as cell DNA
  • soy beans as cell large molecules
  • candies as the cell proteins
  • cotton fibers as cell acids and
  • other bits for small molecules.

Isabel loved doing this science project! It was the first thing she told me about after I stepped in the door from work (after she told me there was a spider on the wall!). She was able to tell me about it but got stuck on the larger words in cell. She did a great job!

In language arts, I had her write 2 more poems for me. 1 long and it had to be about Lula (her favorite stuffed animal) and 1 short it needed to be about whatever she choose. She is LOVING WRITING!!!

2014-09-26 005_edited-1

Poem 1 about Lula.
I LOVE this poem!

2014-09-26 007_edited-1

Poem 2 about whatever she wants (and she writes about the dog, again!)

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