Third Grade: Day 14

Today was a busy school day for Isabel with Daddy playing the teacher.

For Bible they read together Genesis 12:1-9 and the story of Abram. In Luke 4:1-30, Jesus is test and rejected.

Chapter 8 was read aloud in “Walk the Worlds Rim” and lessons were given in Math, Spelling and cursive writing.

In creative writing and handwriting, I gave Isabel an assignment to write 2 nursery rhythms/poems. She could choose the topic however, 1 poem had to be short (5 lines or so) and 1 poem had to be  long (more than 5 lines). She did an amazing job!

2014-09-25 001

Her short poem.

2014-09-25 003_edited-1

Her long poem.

In language arts…

2014-09-25 004_edited-1

she had an assignment called, “I couldn’t believe my eyes

In Geography, we mapped Canada, Greenland, China, the Spice Islands and the Atlantic Coast.

Later in the afternoon, after I got home from work, she got her piano practice in.

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