Happy Birthday Jeannie

This past weekend we spent over in Eastern Washington with friends and family. On Sunday, it was Gino’s cousin, Jeannie’s birthday, so we spent the afternoon visiting and celebrating. Linda Jean and Jeannie made loco taco’s (to hot for me – I had some VERY YUMMY Mexican meatball soup! Thanks Jeannie!) We all had lots of fun and Isabel enjoyed the time getting to know her cousins.

The birthday girl and Isabel. When the cake was set on the table, Isabel actually thought it was her birthday! The look on her face was priceless; wish I would have gotten it on camera!

…so we re-lit two of the candles and let Isabel blow them out
(with the help of Abeni).

Shiloh, Chyenne, Abeni, Ezekyel, and Isabel

Silvie Jr. and Gino

Playing Wii with cousins.

Wii bowling with Abeni and Isabel.