Silver Creek Community Park

Usually whenever I take Isabel to the park, I just walk up the street about 2 blocks to our community park in the back of the complex. Today however, I decided to take her for a short drive to the community park at Silver Creek. The park is bigger and it has swings, including a toddler swing. She loves to swing and says that she’s flying – without wings.

This is a pole with a plastic base attached just above the ground. Kids can either stand or sit and then spin the pole – almost like a personal merry go round. Isabel thought it was a blast and actually figured out how to make it spin on her own.

I think this is supposed to be like a rocket. Kids sit on it and then rock it to make it jiggle. She liked this too and would run back and forth between this and the pole thing pictured at top.

This little boy is, Isaiah, he’s 2. Isaiah and his mother showed up about an hour after we arrived at the park. These two hit it off! They had so much fun and played amazingly together. Until they took off down the road…