Project: Cabinet Crown Molding

Today Gino got the tools out to work on the cabinet crown molding. We hit a bit of a delay in kitchen remodel due to work schedules and projects that needed our attention first.

After much measuring and more measuring for just the right angles, he got two cabinets completed tonight before dinner.

2015-07-30 001_edited-1

The cabinets have looked like this since they were installed in May.

2015-07-30 003_edited-1

Now, they have a more finished look with crown molding at the top and a light rail along the bottom.

2015-07-30 004_edited-1

Above the microwave this cabinet looks sharp!

2015-07-30 006_edited-1

The new look with the 2 completed cabinets.
They look bigger than before.

I’ll add a whole completed look later when he gets the job done this weekend.

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