Ride Home – Part 2 – Thanksgiving 2014

After leaving Boise this morning with rain, our trip has been very pleasant with no weather delays or road conditions. We expect to be home around 7 p.m. unless there is something along the road ahead.


In Oregon along Interstate 84.
The dusting of snow was really pretty to see.


Hi from the road near La Grande in Oregon.


Waiting for some lunch with friends.
She spent the whole day playing her game and didn’t need to recharge the batteries until we were in Washington.

After our stop in La Grande for some much needed lunch we were back on the road in no time.


Heading up Cabbage Hill, or Dead Man’s Pass, just outside of La Grande, we hit some fog.


At the top of the Pass it was clear skies and gorgeous.


Beginning our descent, we head back into the fog but the fog on this side of the mountain is thicker.
Visibility is only 500 feet .


During our switch-back ride down, Gino kept this semi-truck trailer in front of us.
The black door was a great visual to keeping us on the road.


Along Interstate 90 just west of Ellensburg, the sun is set and we are almost home.


We arrived back at home around 7:30 p.m.
Our trip stats from Utah to home are listed above from the dashboard trip monitor.

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